NGO Bel Avenir

Bel Avenir : Education as a motor of development

The NGO Bel Avenir is a Malagasy NGO of sustainable development working in southern Madagascar since 2003.

The NGO staff consists of about 130 Malagasy employees and a dozen permanent foreign volunteers.

This sustainable development program focuses primarily on four areas:

  • Educational area
  • Social area
  • Community health
  • Environmental area

v        MISSION

Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of marginalized people in the south of the country, especially those of children, but also their families, through education as a driver for development.


The NGO Bel Avenir aims to increase the number of beneficiaries who have access to the sustainable development program and to extend it to the most disadvantaged areas of Madagascar.

One of the pillars of our action is the financial autonomy and the responsibility of the local population.

Quality of the management and work provided to the beneficiaries of our actions.

Respect for the dignity of the people and local culture, thanks to the close and direct work with the local population.

Sustainability of the actions. Innovation and originality in the creation of our development program.

Integration of all marginalized groups in our actions.


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